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I'm Allan, I was born in 1959 in Rochdale Lancashire. I now live in Norden which is an ever expanding village on the outskirts of Rochdale.

I have always been keen in arts and crafts and like many other artists I began drawing and painting at school. On leaving school in 1976 I started work as an apprentice joiner which is where I developed an interest in woodcarving, woodturning and general carpentry. woodturning and general carpentry. woodturning and general carpentry.

I had to retire from work due to ill health in 2004 and at the time found it very difficult to do most things so I turned to water colour painting which at the time was a totally new medium to me having only painted in oils previously. Once I had mastered water colour painting I had the idea of making and painting greetings cards.

Although due to my ill health I am still restricted to the amount of time I'm able to stand or sit in one position I am now able to enjoy a limited amount of time painting, card making, woodcarving, woodturning and general cabinet making including clocks, toys and jewellery boxes.

I will never make a fortune out of my hobby but I do get a tremendous amount of satisfaction out of creating artwork and if others enjoy viewing my site then I have achieved my  


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Handmade Greetings Cards

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Watercolour Paintings

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Arts and Crafts - Handmade hand painted watercolour greetings cards with a hand cut pattern edged internal page and your very own verse or message printed inside.ged internal page and your very own verse or message printed inside. Original Art and Craft including watercolour paintings or choose from a selection of handmade woodcrafts.