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Snowmen Greetings Cards For Christmas

If you're still in the thinking of what you can do about your Christmas cards this year, you need to move into action soon or you'll be out of time. Make this festive season particularly special by painting your own Snowman Christmas cards and send them out to family and friends.

Here's an idea of how to achieve your goal

Find a suitable design for your holiday greeting cards. Look on the Internet and in old Christmas magazines, and any other Christmas related books for suitable Christmas images and designs. You can also draw your design freehand if you have plenty of imagination.

Purchase greeting card blanks, or make your own greeting cards from card stock paper.

Draw or trace your design onto the greeting card blanks with a pencil. Use a black, fine-tipped permanent marker or paint pen to trace over the pencil lines. Allow markings to dry before painting.

Unfold greeting card blanks so that they lie flat on your work surface, with the drawn or traced design facing up. The cards will be easier to paint if they are positioned this way.

Use watercolour or acrylic paints or other craft paints to colour the images on your note cards. Allow paint to dry thoroughly before folding note cards.

Add any Christmas greeting or message to the inside of your cards. If you have your own computer and printer then you can make your own insert page for the card and print your message on the inside. If not you can write your message with a calligraphy pen or a black or metallic medium-point permanent marker. I stick the insert page in with PVA glue on the fold.

I hope you enjoy the examples on this page and that they inspire you to try painting your own cards. If you are too busy and cannot find the time to paint your own then I'll be honoured and happy to paint them for you. Merry Christmas to you all!!

Note: You can view a bigger version of the handmade greetings cards by placing your mouse curser on the image and click. A new window will open with the bigger image. When finished viewing, just close the window and come back here to view the other handmade greetings cards.

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Handmade Christmas cards, Hand painted Christmas cards,snowmen enjoying Christmas in the snow
Reference CR111
Snowman christmas card
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Snowman in the trees covered in snow
Reference CR113
Lone snow man card
Reference CR114
Snow man rolling down a hill card
Reference CR115
Snow man in hat playing in the snow
Reference CR116
snowman card with his head rolling down the hill
Reference CR117

Snowmen making snowballs in the snow

Reference CR118
snowman waiving in the snow
Reference CR119
Sledging snowman card
Reference CR120
Snowmen snowbathing and playing in snow
Reference CR121
Snowman ice skating
Reference CR122
Snowmen palying rolling in the snow
Reference CR123
Sledging snowmen card
Reference CR124
Snowman olimpion shooting in the snow
Reference CR125
snowman watching olimpionsnowman  out on the sledge
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