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Hand painted Atmospheric Greetings Cards

Greeting cards are always gratefully received whatever the occasion may be. It just gives us a good feeling inside knowing that someone has gone out of their way to find you that something special. To receive a hand made greetings card is something different but to receive a hand made and hand painted greetings card is that bit more special.

Each of my greetings cards are original watercolours and have been painted with the same level of detail and professionalism throughout the galleries. There are hundreds to choose from so take your time looking through my galleries and choose wisely.

I love to paint atmospheric pictures so I've put together a selection of atmospheric watercolour moorland, Lakeland and Mountain scenes for you to view below.

I can guarantee that which ever you choose, it will be be a good choice and total satisfaction is my promise to you. If you cannot find what you want, if you can describe it, I can paint it, so make a request and commission your own greetings cards from a treasured photo or from a favourite picture!

Selling my artwork is not my priority, I just want people to like my greetings cards and to make you smile and may be have a go yourself. If I do that then I have achieved my goal!

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to commission your own set of watercolour greetings cards from a favourite photo or picture of yours. Otherwise, I hope you will send lots of my greetings cards to your friends and relatives! I will regularly be adding new cards, so come back often and browse.

Please see the rest of my website which include original paintings, Woodturnings and Woodcrafts.

Note: You can view a bigger version of the handmade greetings cards by placing your mouse curser on the image and click. A new window will open with the bigger image. When finished viewing, just close the window and come back here to view the other handmade greetings cards.

Additional ordering and payment information is available Here

Sunset sail watercolour landscape greeting card
Reference GT19
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Reference GT20
Lone rower on a lake watercolour greeting card
Reference GT21

Moorland view watercolour greeting card
Reference GT22

Rolling hills down to a still lake watercolour greeting card
Reference GT23

Mountains and Lake watercolour greeting card
Reference GT24
Sunset over the water watercolour greeting card
Reference GT25
Tall sail boat watercolour greeting card
Reference GT26
Sunset over a lake watercolour greeting card
Reference GT27
Atmosheric landscape watercolour greeting card
Reference GT28
Lakeland scene at dusk watercolour greeting card
Reference GT29
Lakeland scene at dawn watercolour greeting card
Reference GT30
Distant mountains across the water watercolour greeting card
Reference GT31
hand made greeting cards of a mountain scene
Reference GT32
Mountain Lake view watercolour greeting card
Reference GT33
Boat anchored on a lake in the sunset watercolour greeting card
Reference GT34
Boat navigating through the rocky seas watercolour greeting card
Reference GT35
Boats anchored out in the distance watercolour greeting card
Reference GT36

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Arts and Crafts - Handmade hand painted watercolour greetings cards with a hand cut pattern edged internal page and your very own verse or message printed inside.ged internal page and your very own verse or message printed inside. Original Art and Crafts including watercolour paintings or choose from a selection of handmade woodcrafts.