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The fall of Daisy Makeig-Jones and her Fairyland Lustre. 

The Death of Josiah Wedgwood and the Fall of Daisy Makeig-Jones

There is a most interesting postscript to Disy Makeig-Jones' life and the end started in October 1930 when the gentle unassuming Chairman of Wedgwood, Frank Wedgwood died. Josiah Wedgwood succeeded him as Managing Director and did not like Daisy's work, preferring drab monotone, beige and off white colours, to the bright colours and fanciful imagery, so typical of her inspired designs.

So this dramatic change in fashion, and economic pressures forced several Wedgwood craftsmen to leave, and in April 1931 Daisy was asked to retire. The result was a blazing row with Josiah and without any warning she left in the middle of a week, ordering one of the lads to remove all the sample lustre and all other pieces from her shelves, and to smash every one of them.

She took up gardening, her beloved mother died in 1943 and for the last years of her life she was under medical care and died on 21st July 1945 at the age of 63. A very sad and tragic end to perhaps one of the greatest UK ceramic designers of them all. Her legacy remains today enshrined within the few collections of her work scattered around the world.

One fact remains clear- as the production of the major Fairyland Lustre pieces was very limited, only a handful remain today in pristine condition. Such unique and personally signed pieces will doubtless continue to enjoy great investment potential in future years.- simply a really beautiful object to enjoy whilst appreciating financially - surely the most perfect combination for wise investors and collectors.

Wedgwood Arts and Crafts Lustre Blue Humming Bird Bowl by Daisy Makeig-Jones

Blue Fish Vase


Wedgwood-Arts and Crafts - Wedgwood Green Dragon Lustre Footed Bowl by Daisy Makeig-Jones

Dragon Lustre Footed Bowl


Wedgwood-Arts and Crafts - Wedgwood Pearl Lustre Butterfly Bowl  by Daisy Makeig-Jones

Blue Lustre Snake Bowl


Wedgwood Sea Green Dragon Lustre Bowl

Blue/Orange Lustre Bowl


Wedgwood Orange/Blue Lustre Pin Dish

Orange/Blue Lustre Pin Dish


Wedgwood Orange/Blue Lustre Melba Cup

Orange/Blue Lustre Melba Cup

 WL38 £ SOLD

Wavey Edge Orange and Blue Patterned Wedgwood Lustre Bowl

Wavey Edge Patterned Lustre Bowl


Highly Decorated Red Dragon Lustre Wedwood Footed Trumpet Vase

Dragon Lustre Footed Vase


Green Pheonix Wedgwood Lustre Bud Vase

Green Pheonix Lustre Vase

 WL41 £ SOLD

Pair of Powder Blue  Wedgwood Dragon Lustre  Vases

Pair of Powder Dragon Lustre  Vases
 WL42 £ SOLD


Mother of Pearl Wedgwood Lustre Butterfly Tyg

Mother of Pearl Lustre Butterfly Tyg

 WL43 £ SOLD


Mother of Pearl Butterfly Wedgwood Lustre Trumpet Vase

Mother of Pearl Butterfly Lustre Footed Vase

 WL44 £ SOLD


Wedgwood Blue Dragon Lustre Footed Bowl

Blue Dragon Lustre Footed Bowl



Wedgwood - Mother of Pearl Butterfly Lustre Bowl

Mother of Pearl Butterfly
Lustre Footed Bowl

 WL46 £ SOLD


Wedgwood Green Dragon Lustre Footed Bowl

Green Dragon Lustre Footed Bowl

 WL47 £ SOLD


Wedgwood Blue Fish Lustre Bowl

Blue Fish Lustre Bowl

 WL48 £ SOLD


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