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Fake and or Reproductions Wedgwood Fairyland and Lustre.

Fakes and Reproductions:

Can you easily recognize a fake or reproduction of a Wedgwood Fairyland or Lustre peice? Do you know the difference between a fake and a reproduction? A "fake" is an item that looks similar to an authentic piece and has similar markings, but was deliberately made to deceive buyers and no collector wants to spend his or her hard-earned cash on a fake item regardless of the cost.

A "reproduction" will also look very similar to an original piece, but it will bear the new manufacturer's mark, and it isn't falsely aged to look like it was made in an earlier time period; it is not made to deceive. It's not uncommon for a modern company to buy and use the moulds of older companies that have gone out of business or no longer producing a particular line of goods.

Sometimes the original manufacturer will reproduce a newly created vintage line or individual/Limmited Edition pieces several decades later, as Wedgwood have in fact done. These pieces are also not made to deceive and many times will bear somewhat different markings from the original vintage pieces and may also include a certificate of authenticity. Some people do collect reproductions, especially since they can be less expensive than rare or hard-to-find items and this is fine.

So how do you know if something is the "Real Thing"? Your best defence against being fooled by fakes is to know as much as possible about your particular area of collecting. If you can recognize the authentic makers' marks within your collection and understand the correct colours/patterns of the time period you collect, you'll be armed with the best defence against fakes and forgeries.

All Wedgwood Fairyland and Ordinary Lustre would have the Portland Vase Mark. Earlier peices would be without the three stars beneath the vase. From 1900 onwards With the three stars under the vase. Printed in various colours. ENGLAND was added to the Wedgwood mark in 1891, to meet the requirements of the U.S. customs regulation know as the "McKinley Customs Administrative Act".

Armed with your knowledge wedgwood you then have the advantage and would easily be able to determine the authenticity of a piece when visiting antique stores. You would know and see that the actual colour and shape is what you are expecting and you can hear if there are any chips or cracks in porcelain by "pinging" the edge of the item with your finger nail and you can feel the quality of the material it's made from.

When shopping online, you have to depend on the descriptions given by sellers. If you're interested in a piece that isn't accompanied by a detailed description, ask the seller for whatever information you need to help you determine if the piece is real. All repitable dealers and auction houses will give you as much detail and history of a particular item as is available to them and will welcome any questions, so don't be frightened of asking!!

Wedgwood Arts and Crafts Mother of Pearl Butterfly Lustre Bowl by Daisy Makeig-Jones

Mother of Pearl Butterfly Bowl


Wedgwood-Arts and Crafts - Wedgwood Green Dragon Lustre Octagonal Bowl by Daisy Makeig-Jones

Green Dragon Lustre Bowl


Wedgwood-Arts and Crafts - Wedgwood Orange Lustre Portland Vase  by Daisy Makeig-Jones

Orange Lustre Portland Vase


Wedgwood Orange Butterfly Lustre Tyg

Orange Lustre Tyg


Wedgwood Mother of Pearl Butterfly Trumpet Vase

Mother of Pearl Butterfly Trumpet Vase


Wedgwood Green Dragon Luster Trumpet Vase

Green Dragon Luster Trumpet Vase

 WL54 £ SOLD

Wedgwood Blue Fish Pattern Lustre Tyg

Wedgwood Blue Luster Fish Tyg


Highly Decorated Red Dragon Lustre Wedwood Footed Trumpet Vase

Wedgwood Blue Luster Fish Octagonal Bowl


Green Pheonix Wedgwood Lustre Bud Vase

Green Pheonix Lustre Vase

 WL57 £ SOLD

Pair of Powder Blue  Wedgwood Dragon Lustre  Vases

Pair of Powder Dragon Lustre  Vases
 WL58 £ SOLD


Mother of Pearl Wedgwood Lustre Butterfly Tyg

Mother of Pearl Lustre Butterfly Tyg

 WL59 £ SOLD


Mother of Pearl Butterfly Wedgwood Lustre Trumpet Vase

Mother of Pearl Butterfly Lustre Footed Vase

 WL60 £ SOLD


Wedgwood Blue Dragon Lustre Footed Bowl

Blue Dragon Lustre Footed Bowl



Wedgwood - Mother of Pearl Butterfly Lustre Bowl

Mother of Pearl Butterfly
Lustre Footed Bowl

 WL62 £ SOLD


Wedgwood Green Dragon Lustre Footed Bowl

Green Dragon Lustre Footed Bowl

 WL63 £ SOLD


Wedgwood Blue Fish Lustre Bowl

Blue Fish Lustre Bowl

 WL64 £ SOLD


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